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  • No no no Cat - Harmonizator

    No no no Cat - Harmonizator

    Added:19-09-2015 & UploadBy:Publio Delgado
  • Cat doing weird sounds - Harmonizator

    Cat doing weird sounds - Harmonizator

    Added:29-07-2017 & UploadBy:Publio Delgado
  • 고양이의 귀를 잡아 보았습니다 (Korean cat) - Harmonizator

    고양이의 귀를 잡아 보았습니다Korean cat- Harmonizator

    Added:26-12-2015 & UploadBy:Publio Delgado
  • Juno & Banana - Harmonizator

    Juno & Banana - Harmonizator

    Added:27-08-2016 & UploadBy:Publio Delgado
  • Crying Japanese politician - Harmonizator

    Crying Japanese politician - Harmonizator

    Added:18-06-2016 & UploadBy:Publio Delgado
  • Karinaaa (harmonizator)


    Added:04-03-2015 & UploadBy:ian shifres
  • Doña Gloria "Ay, no!" - Harmonizator

    Doña Gloria "Ay, no!" - Harmonizator

    Added:22-04-2012 & UploadBy:Publio Delgado
  • Annoying door - Harmonizator

    Annoying door - Harmonizator

    Added:17-10-2015 & UploadBy:Publio Delgado
  • Tano Pasman - Harmonizator (with chord symbols)

    Tano Pasman - Harmonizatorwith chord symbols.

    Added:21-11-2015 & UploadBy:Publio Delgado
  • Timo Soini's "Jytky" - Harmonizator

    Timo Soini's "Jytky" - Harmonizator

    Added:06-01-2016 & UploadBy:Publio Delgado