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  • Bengal College Of Engineering And Technology | BCET | Durgapur

    Bengal Col.e Of Engineering And Technology BCET Durgapur

    Added:29-04-2021 & UploadBy:Mr Ravan
  • Added:01-01-1970 & UploadBy:
  • Bengal College of Engineering and Technology [BCET], DURGAPUR || Full Campus Overview

    Bengal Col.e of Engineering and Technology [BCET], DURGAPURFull Campus Overview

    Added:13-10-2020 & UploadBy:RV Boys
  • Added:01-01-1970 & UploadBy:
  • being a BCET ian... a compilation of moments

    being a BCET iana compilation of moments

    Added:13-05-2012 & UploadBy:BloggerDada
  • h


    Added:13-05-2021 & UploadBy: h
  • Vlog 12 : Durgapur Part 2 : BCET Campus Tour

    Vlog 12 : Durgapur Part 2 : BCET Campus Tour

    Added:13-01-2021 & UploadBy:Sdeephillic
  • 4


    Added:01-01-1970 & UploadBy: 4
  • "Farewell"Best VlogEmotional heart touching BCET Dance Group

    Added:13-05-2020 & UploadBy:Ablaze Arksmit
  • Added:01-01-1970 & UploadBy:
  • Bengal College vlog

    Bengal Col.e vlog

    Added:13-02-2021 & UploadBy:Abhijeet Shikhar
  • Added:01-01-1970 & UploadBy:
  • Bengal college of engineering and technology

    Bengal col.e of engineering and technology

    Added:13-05-2019 & UploadBy:prem kishor
  • fest of bcet

    fest of bcet

    Added:13-05-2016 & UploadBy:DhrubCreation
  • Dedicated To Applied &  Instrumentation Branch 2017 BCET,  DURGAPUR

    Dedicated To Applied & Instrumentationnch 2017 BCET, DURGAPUR

    Added:13-05-2018 & UploadBy:TechTalks
  • E-Week 2012

    E-Week 2012 "E-Cell SKSgi PROMO".wmv

    Added:13-05-2013 & UploadBy:Ecell SKSgi
  • BCET


    Added:13-09-2020 & UploadBy:SKSgi DURGAPUR
  • BCET ka Boys Hostal Lockdown me kesa h || Durgapur West Bengal || 17.3K views

    BCET ka Boys Hostal Lockdown me kesa hDurgapur West Bengal17.3K views

    Added:13-09-2020 & UploadBy:Dipu Vlog
  • Farewell 2015

    Farewell 2015

    Added:13-05-2017 & UploadBy:Prashant Kumar
  • Learning is always fun here in BCET-Durgapur

    Learning is always fun here in BCET-Durgapur

    Added:13-05-2017 & UploadBy:SKSgi DURGAPUR
  • Electrical Engineering Deptt(2014-18). BCET Durgapur

    Electrical Engineering Deptt.2014-18.. BCET Durgapur

    Added:13-05-2019 & UploadBy:Avishek Kumar
  • Durgapur Bengal college

    Durgapur Bengal col.e

    Added:13-05-2018 & UploadBy:Papai Mukherjee
  • Last day of bcet,durgapur

    Last day of bcet,durgapur

    Added:13-05-2019 & UploadBy:BELAL EJAZI
  • Bcet durgapur

    Bcet durgapur

    Added:13-05-2020 & UploadBy:prem kishor
  • Farewell 2k15 of mechanical Engg -  BCET Durgapur

    Farewell 2k15 of mechanical Engg - BCET Durgapur

    Added:13-05-2016 & UploadBy:Gajal Kr
  • Bcet durgapur

    Bcet durgapur

    Added:13-05-2019 & UploadBy:prem kishor